Greetings Castle Dwellers,

Welcome to the first newsletter for the 2021 quarter of January, February and March.

January: the 1st month of the year. The Birthstone is Garnet, a symbol of love.

What is the month of January known for? It has been said that the month of January is representative of being able to look into the past as well as see into the future.

Castle Dwellers are reminiscing over experiences from the past and present. We wonder how many realms exist in what we see as reality or that which exists in a parallel reality. We talk about it to compare notes and get an understanding of what we are experiencing. Let’s start with some random experiences of some Castle Dwellers that have no particular order,

There  once was a history teacher at a junior high school that was a reverend in a church. This pastor would conduct bible study classes at lunchtime in the classroom for any of the students that cared to participate. Actually, there were quite a few students that enjoyed attending the bible study classes that he conducted. One day the history teacher informed the students that he could no longer have bible study on campus due to certain laws. They were all very disappointed.

Anyway, this is really about the Ouija Board the minister brought to the school during his teachings according to what he deemed of being beneficial information to his students. He warned all never to play with it. I however, ignored that warning and proceeded to ask the Ouija Board (oui = French for yes, ja = German for yes) , the Yes/Yes Board. I asked the Ouija Board a question. My question was, “Will I go to heaven?” Immediately the pendulum began to move. I don’t even remember if it was moving towards yes or no. I immediately remember my heart racing so fast I could feel and hear my blood pumping. Never have II dared to touch a Ouija Board since that day. Maybe, one day I will.

This man was known by our families in the church. He was the deacon of one the churches throughout the community. This man that had an upstanding reputation within the church sector was slain by gunfire in his home. The reason being is that his son whom lived with him at the time had shady dealings going on that involved drugs. The way it was told is that the father found the drugs that his son was allegedly holding and got rid of them. At least that’s the story told to others involved by the son of the deacon.

The elder from the church was killed by his son’s drug affiliates for this deed of throwing away the drugs. At the funeral parlor the deacon’s body was turned over in the casket. Word is the dealers didn’t believe the story and were looking for the drugs.

Years later I awoke to the specter of the slain man sitting in a chair that was behind my bedroom door. There was a bullet wound in the middle of his forehead. I was petrified, I could not move nor scream, so I just laid there and looked. The eyes were fixed and glazed. I can’t remember going back to sleep I just remember waking up to my phone ringing. It was a childhood friend. She asked me if I had seen the newspaper for that day. I replied, ” no, why?” She went on to say there had been another murder committed and from the description and last name she felt sure it was another childhood friend from elementary school. I ran to the porch to get the paper and sure enough there it was. She had been shot in the head and dumped under the interstate in our city. I know that dream was telling me about her murder.

It was a horrible place, with a horrible past. So many terrible things happened in this apartment complex over the decades. There were seven buildings that spanned out over a square city block. Each building had three floors and each floor had three units. It was a nice place at one time or another. It had picnic tables and benches that sat on plush green lawns. In front of all the tables were large trees overhanging for shade during the summer months. Over the years things had changed drastically. It was now a place that was destitute, desolate and full of sorrow. All seven buildings had an eerie aura about them.

The building I lived in had an infant that cried all night sometimes. This went on a couple of nights a week. One day I asked a neighbor whose baby was crying and she told me it was the baby in the unit on the third floor. The strange thing is no one lived in this apartment unit. No one had lived there for at least ten years. For some reason that unit was never rented out. None of us were quite sure what happened in that unit. Those that did would not talk about it. To this day I sometimes think about the cries of that baby and wonder what happened. Honestly I’d rather not know.

February: the 2nd month of the year Gregorian calendar year. The Birthstone is Amethyst. It is believed by the ancients this gemstone gives the wearer the ability to keep a clear mind.

March: the 1st month of the Roman calendar year. The month of March is associated with Mars and new beginnings since it is the first month of the year for the Romans of ancient times. The music of Ancient Rome seems to place some people in that place during the time and period and, they can recall events.

January is a time for looking into the past and future, March is for focusing ahead into the future according to the spiritual aspect of what happens in the month of March.

Blessed Be,


Chamber of Believers' Castle

THIS, THAT, and things of some sort . .

DRAGONS’ BLOOD TREE: A Peculiar Kind of Tree

Imagine a tree in the image of a beautiful green fan. Like the one you see before you. The branches starting at the top of the trunk looks like entangled tree roots that span out into the shape of a fan. The leaves at the top of the tree are as thick as sheep wool. Various essences of this tree are used in different forms for a variety of purposes.

Dragons Blood Incense has a sweet aroma and is said to be used in ceremonies for protection, similar to how some use bible verses for protection. The resin from this tree is used to make the incense of Dragons’ Blood. Maybe, you would like to try some. This tree can live for over half of a millennium.


She was a no nonsense kind of mother. My father was the head of the household however, my mother wore the pants so to speak. When xxmy father put his foot down that was it. But, my mother was strong-willed and the majority of the time what she said was the order of things. She never failed to correct me when I was wrong, and she never failed to protect and defend me when I was in the right or being treated unjustly. She had a unique way of dealing with people.

Fast forward to my late 20s, the Ruby of my life passed from the shadows of this earth plane into the light of another realm. At the time I was in a heavy conflict with my child’s father and what I’m estimating to be the majority of his immediate family members. Most notably his mother, the others just seemed to be dragged into it all by default. Even so the grandfather remained decent, respectful and had apologized to me on occasion on behalf of his families disrespect towards me which included his sons deceit which started this whole feud. You know what I mean. The kind that will defend the honor of their mother to the point of threatening you when you are clearly not in the wrong. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for defending your older family members if they need defending, not when they are the bully in an extremely passive- aggressive way.

My first time speaking to this woman was when she called me. Once she had established that I was the person she wanted to speak to, the first words out of her mouth were, “is it true that you are pregnant by my son?” This line of questioning and gathering information from a barrage of questions. I had never met his family. I just remember him telling me how his family had certain religious beliefs, principles and rules that they as the offspring were expected to abide by and follow for as long as they lived in the family home. For example all the siblings lived at home until marriage. Probably not because they had to as much as they felt a family obligation to do so. After all, this is a big part of their upbringing. None of them brought a date home to meet the family unless they intended to marry them. By the way all the siblings were boys. This most likely explains their stance on that issue. Me being a girl my parents definitely made it their business to meet and know about whomever I dated.

Fast forward, I’ve had the baby and the paternal grandmother had her nose in everything. I was able to tell the difference in the way he interacted with me when his mother was at the helm of things. She had a very dominant influence over his behavior. At times, I felt as though I was involved with a married man, and his mother was his wife. Later, in the relationship I had a psychic do a tarot reading for me. During my session with her she also stated that that turmoil in our relationship was because in a past life his mother and I were sisters and he the man we were both involved with, argued about and fought over.

Now that I think about it, the more sense I can make of the senselessness that transpired between us. Except for the paternal grandfather of my child. He and I communicated well with each other. He informed the immediate family was against me, including the father of my child, which was his son. I’ll never forget the last time I saw my sons grandfather. Senior brought my son home to me from a weekend stay at their family home. As he dropped him off and turned and walked away he turned to me and said. ” I love you.” The look in his eyes I couldn’t explain. I could not sleep that night. I don’t know why. The next day I received a call from my child’s father letting me know the grandfather had passed away from a massive heart attack.

Now, back to the essence of what this experience was about. After my mother, my Ruby passed away she came to me in a dream. I had big problems concerning the paternal grandmother of my child. I was at a loss for words. Keep in mind this all happened before my session with the tarot/psychic reader.

The dream goes like this, I’m in the back seat of my mother’s car which is parked in the driveway to the home she and my father owned. I am in the back seat, my child’s father is in the passenger seat in the front, and his mother is in the driver

seat! My mother appears on the driver side of the car opens the door, and without saying a word opens the car door and motions for her to get out. My child’s paternal grandmother hangs her head and exits my mother’s car.

From that day on I never heard another peep from her. She is dead now, and so is he.

I’ll always love you mommy, my Ruby.

Chamber of Believers' Castle

THE RED TILE CITY: Santa Barbara Mysteries


Can you see this is where it is at? A city purportedly that has a 13,000 year old history.

Because of the ‘unique” positioning of Santa Barbara the sun rises in the south here in this beautiful city. A charmed city rich in history and culture. Even though this city has been destroyed by earthquakes in the past, the architecture remains true to the same architectural Spanish Colonial and Meditteraen style of red tile roofs with stark white and stucco walls. She is still one of the most beautiful and desired tourist destinations of people from around the world.

CANDLES LIGHT the DARK: At the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California

Parishioners light candles and say prayers for their loved ones, the living as well as the ones who have passed on. The Old Mission Santa Barbara Cemetary is the final resting place for  some but, there are some souls that do not appear to be at rest. For as long as anyone can remember the locals have told  of a woman who was murdered and her spirit haunts the old jail on the grounds. The spirits of monks and nuns are also seen at the Old Mission. It’s no secret to the locals of Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara offers ghost tours. Visitors to the ghost tours get a firsthand and up close glimpse of the otherworldly veil in Santa Barbara, complete with history. Theses tours can be designed to fit your occasion.


She is said to be a young woman in a long, white flowing dress with a white shawl. She is seen running towards the bluff of the shoreline and jumping off. Eyewitnesses whom state they have seen her on numerous occasions say she makes her appearance after sunset. While most agree on when she makes her appearance, not all agree on her origins. Some say suicde’ others say she died in childbirth. Even though it may never be known exactly what happened to her, it is known her spirit is there.

The exact location of this phenomenon is withheld for the purpose of gathering information about it from Santa Barabara residents and/or persons that know the history.

Hint: She is seen at one of the colleges in Santa Barbara, which one?

Leave your comments in the comment section below.


From the early history days of the Santa Barbara Mission there were three nuns. These three sisters were well known for their missionary work. They took supplies that consisted of much needed essentials and medicine to nearby Native American villages. The nuns were told to restrict their travels to Santa Barbara only. However, the sisters did not heed this warning and traveled outside of the boundaries set to protect them.

After leaving Santa Barbara when forewarned not to they were brutally tortured and murdered.

On Ortega Ridge Road in Montecito is where witnesses say they see them, the three sisters. Eyes they have that are a blazing blue, and a light that radiates from their complexion.The heads and eyes of Las Tres Hermanas follow passersby at night, though it has been reported on a few rare occasions of daytime sightings.

Ortega Road has long since been renamed Las Tres Hermanas.


Casa De La Guerra is a preserved adobe residence similar to the one shown above. Casa De La Guerra is a historical site built in the early 1800’s for the fifth commandante of the presidio of Santa Barbara, Jose De La Guerra and his family.

People say she wears a black dress and seems to be in mourning or very upset about something, like she is in some sort of distress. Why she is there, who she is and why she haunts the site is not clear. What is clear is the fact that many say they have seen her, she is there.

Leave your comments in the comment section below.


There is a beach in Santa Barbara named Gaviota Beach. This beach is a state park complete with trails and camp grounds. A large trestle known as the ghost bridge separates the beach from the camp grounds. Visitors to the beach say it is inhabited by the spirits of two young girls in white night gowns. The two young girls may be sisters. Their ghosts are seen walking near the trestle on the camping grounds and they can be heard crying. Whatever happened to these two little ones remains a mystery that is just as mysterious as the ghostly apparitions themselves.


Transportation to and from the Channel Islands can be arranged by boat or plane. Once you have arrived there means of transportation is very limited. One of  the Islands in the Santa Barbara Channel is haunted by the ghost of some say a conquistador that cursed everyone that lived on the Island. Legend has it he buried some priceless treasures on and/or around and in surrounding waters of San Miguel. The Island is the final resting place, or should I say place of unrest for this conquistador that is said to be buried with his jeweled sword in an unmarked gravesite that its whereabouts are unknown.

Santa Barbara, California has some prominent and reputable ghost hunters and experts on the subject. They tell the story behind the spirits that haunt this beautiful and age old mysterious city named Santa Barbara.


PAINTED CAVE ROAD of Santa Barbara, California

There is a place in Santa Barbara known as Painted Cave Road. Somewhere on this road it is  said the Chumash Indians painted a cave here some time in the 1600’s. This can be a tricky road as it has twists and turns that are very narrow. These are turns that seemingly come from nowhere on a straight road. Legend has it  the Native Indians hid in this cave from those that seeked them out. The paintings  are believed to have religious connotations. Sounds are reported to be heard coming from the cave. Sounds of music from the Native American flutes and  sightings of orbs have been witnessed by visitors. This site is located in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The Chumash Painted Cave Historic Park in Santa Barbara preserves the art on the sandstone walls of the cave.


THE AMERICAN RIVIERA  Santa Barbara, California

Welcome to Santa Barbara California, such a lovely place. This is somewhere of your fondest dreams. A kind of  Oasis to castle dwellers.

Castle dwellers of Believers’ Castle gather together here frequently. Chateau du Les  Croyants ( castle of the believers), as we like to call it meet here throughout the year. It is our Sanctuary. 

This connection can take place at the beach, park, restaurant or anywhere our spirits lead us to go. We share our experiences with each other and you. We invite you to share your experiences as well.

Blessed Be 





Chamber of Believers' Castle


1st of October 2020

Greetings Castle Dwellers,

October is a month filled with mystery, intrigue and the paranormal.


The month of October is a time that many give honor to the dead. It is believed that on the 31st of October, the veil between the world of the living and world of the dead is thin enough for spirits to come through.


The practices of celebrating Halloween range from a quiet night at home, to carnivals and elaborate costume parties in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve. Children dress up in their costumes of witches, ghosts, vampires, and goblins.

It is believed the masks and carved pumpkins would ward off the evil spirits when they passed through the veil. The veil cannot be seen, it is invisible to the naked eye. There those that can see the spirits from the world of the dead. Some go to the cemetary hoping to witness this phenomena take place.

All due respect to the dearly departed of loved ones.


The month of October will magnificently display its Majestic Highness in full effect twice this month.

Harvest Full Moon

The first full moon of Autumn Equinox for the year of 2020 will be the 1st of October. It is considered to be the most powerful moon of the year, and the time of harvesting of the crops. This moon is more colorful in comparison to other moons of the year, very large and brightly illuminated. The month of the harvest moon is an important time for many.

Hunters Full Moon

The second full moon of October 2020 will appear on the 31st. This is a time tribes were known to have gathered meat for the upcoming long winter months ahead. Also known as the deer hunting month.

                                     NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF

Legend has it there is those that are human by day and transform into ravenous flesh eating creatures by way of the full moon light. The first accounts of the Lycan has been a subject of mystery and terror for many centuries. Somewhere around 2100 BC. It is said, it takes a silver bullet to kill a werewolf then it will revert to human form.

People would use a plant called Wolf’s bane around their homes, and on them when travel by night was necessary during the time of a full moon. It was believed Wolf’s bane had the power to ward off the beast.


The magick of witchcraft, not to be confused with the magic of someone who performs tricks on stage or at a child’s birthday party.

The witch costumes’ design represents the craft. To the wearer signs and symbols are of great importance and meaning like baby name meanings. The wearer cares for the symbol as a mother cares for the child, and the child is a representation of the meaning to their name.

Witches are believed to be magickal and mystical. The female witch is referred to as a sorceress. Male witches are warlocks, wizards and sorcerers. Magick and the law of attraction have similarities, however, magick is more detailed and has a much wider range of variance. One of the the most well-known of the most powerful of practioners being the famed and legendary Madame Marie LaVeau.

It is  believed that over a century after Madame LaVeau left this life she still grants the petition of believers. The magick of believing is very powerful to believers. After 139 years of her death, it is still believed by many Madame LeVeau has great power and influence. The believe quote sayings are endless. Are you a believer? What is it that you believe?

There are different types of witches and many ways to practice the craft. Some are known  as witches by their own admission and others choose to practice in secrecy. While there are witches in covens there is also the solitaire witch. Do you know of a witch personally?

Some like to visit the graveyard on All Hallows Eve in hopes of sighting spirits that have slipped through the veil.

All due respect to the dearly departed of loved ones.


Arianna Willow



Halloween tradition is well-known for the haunted house being one of the main attractions at events. What is the scariest haunted house? Answer, a real one. Famous places throughout history have haunted mansions. Some of the best known haunted houses in the America of the United States.  A  hot spot for this type of paranormal activity is the famous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The LaLaurie Mansion is known for ghostly sightings even though the original mansion was destroyed and another sits in its place. The mansion that is on this site is known by the locals as the Haunted House of the French Quarter.           


                                                                                                                          The CONSTELLATION FOR OCTOBER


 Symbol: Scales        Element: Air        Birthstone: Opal

What is the birthstone of October for those born under Libra? One of the three air signs of the zodiac. It is the Opal, believed to have originated around 4000 BC.

The Opal is one of the precious stone gems from ancient times known as ” The Eye Stone” Gemstones from ancient times were considered to have certain qualities attributed to the stone. The Opal is believed to have healing properties. Opals are also believed to bring luck.

The astrological signs are one of the universes great mysteries. Look in the sky into the darkness of night. Is it not beautiful?

The belief of believers is the constellations hold keys to some of the most mysterious mysteries of life.

” There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.”  – Rod Serling

When All Hallows’ Eve Comes

Some will appease the spirits by placing food in front of their doors, others will make a bonfire. Children will trick-or-treat.  This is the night before All Saints Day. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

From time to time Believers Castle hosts contests and giveaways that will be announced through our newsletter for castle dwellers.

We welcome your experiences. Castle Dwellers would like to know what you would like to see featured next.

Blessed Be




Chamber of Believers' Castle



There are those that have described it as looking at a good mystery series of their life with chambers that go on and on into infinity. We sometimes wonder how many other galaxies out in the universe have humans like us, have unexplained mysteries like us and what are they? Then there are those that dedicate their lives to research and Mscientific methods and study to gain answers to the question of, “Are we alone in this vast universe?”

We sometimes wonder what is the reason for our experiences and why did it happen to us. What is believers’ in dwelling of the chambers of Believers Castle about? Many of us yearn to know the reason for their experiences. Endless thoughts of how these things have manifested itself in the evolution of our everyday life experiences, and why did it happen to them? There is a world of mystery to be explored.


Believers Castle has many chambers to be explored. These are the chambers of the mind. The chambers within the mind are as vast as the universe itself.

The ” CHAMBERS” of castle dwellers are filled with mysteries of the unknown. What do you believe in? Do you believe in what you can see? Do you believe in what you cannot see? The questions and answers are infinite.
Dwellers of Believers Castle share their experiences with others while searching for answers to the mysterious.

Believers Castle will premiere the believers’ newsletter on the 1st of October 2020. The newsletter will include Seasons, Mysterious Quotes, Crystals, Spiritual Oils, Candles of Meditation, Herbs, Spiritual Cleansing, books and more. . .

Visitors to the castle dwellings are welcome to tell us what they would like to see in the castle dwellers newsletter as well.


Haunted places of the world have a mystery and intrigue about them that hold the interest of many. From the largest of cities to the lesser known villages and towns are places that are peculiar to say the least. The larger famous cities in the state of California like San Francisco and New Orleans in Louisiana and other cities across the globe are full of unexplained mysteries. There are many places that have some of the most haunted places to speak of around the world. Have you ever had the feeling someplace you have been was haunted?



Incense, candles and music have had many special uses throughout ancient history up to modern day lifestyles of the 21st century. The art of music, incense and candles takes on many forms. Any combination of the three are quite frequently used in the home for meditation, activities such as yoga, and other spiritual purposes. The scent of incense pleases the senses, the flame of the candle puts one in a state of relaxation and the music to the listener soothes the soul.

Incense of ancient times such as Frankincense, Kapet, and Myrrh, also known as the sacred smoke are associated with certain rituals and used in temples to appease the goddesses and gods. The use of incense was considered essential to worship and giving honor to the deities 

ANCIENT FLOWERS & HERBSThe Rose of Hildesheim also known as the 1000 Year Rose is located in Hildesheim, Germany. A tremendous amount of fascination of or for the visitors coming to this amazing site is of no wonder. Great wonders of this world never ceases to amaze me. This is a creation in our realm in all of its magnificence and majesty. It is reported the rose bush was planted in the year 815. Its longevity is indeed an example of a mystery.

It is said roses date as far back as 35 million years ago. Roses are very delicate flowers with a soft and sweet fragrance. The essence of this flower is frequently made into perfumes, lotions and rose water for the skin and hair. Roses are look upon as a symbol of love.



The rosemary bush is a herb with blooms that vary in color with different shades of violet and purple to pink and white.

In ancient folklore the pine-like needles of this herb were burned to keep negativity away. Rosemary also serves as an ingredient for cooking.



Lavender is a perennial plant that has its roots in ancient history and folklore. Its highly fragrant blooms are known for their royal color that ranges from the lightest of lilacs to the deepest shade of purple. The essence of lavender is used to make perfumes, oils, lotions and lavender water used for bathing. Flowers of the lavender plant can also be used to make sachets that are put under a pillow or in dresser drawers. The aroma of lavender has a soothing and calming effect. It has been reported that when the tomb of King Tutankhamen was opened the dried flowers of the lavender still retained its sweet fragrance.




It is said the tarot cards can tell the past, the present and the future. There are many different versions of the tarot and its interpretations. The cards are used for an ancient art called divination. Ancient Egyptians referred to them as the royal road of life. The mysticism and symbolism of the tarot have been a subject of great interest. Throughout the centuries and in different cultures around the world the tarot has been a subject of many debates. When and where the tarot originated is still of deep interest. Believers will tell you, “the answers are in the cards” all you have to do is ask them.


Are you a believer in the existence of blood thirsty creatures that roam the night known as Nosferatu and Lycan? There are many legends about these creatures from times past. It is believed by some they still exist to this day. Many regions across the globe have accounts of the immortal vampyre to be told. Perhaps you can recollect and share an account or legend about mysterious creatures.


Do your dreams tell you something? Many believe dreams hold the key to consciousness. Some write down their dreams upon awakening to help them sort out and recall the sequence of events in the dream state.

It is said the filmmaker Wes Craven had dreams that came in the form of nightmares or night terrors that gave birth to the character Freddy Krueger. He wrote his recollections down and from those notes he created a hit horror movie of its genre, A Nightmare on Elm Street. This appears to give validity to the if you can dream it quote, you can achieve it.

When you awaken suddenly from a dream and your heart is racing then you tell yourself it was just a dream. Is that all it was, or is there more to it, a premonition perhaps?


Some just enjoy reading about the experiences of others and some like to share their experience. Castle dwellers are welcome to do both. While exploring the chambers of Believers Castle some of the images you see or an experience you read may be helpful. It could lead to your recollection of an event that had an impact in your life, or a dream. Let us know. Leave a comment.

Most of all know that you are not alone in your search for answers to the mysterious universe and  mysteries of this world. Here is a link to some books that are very interesting and informative reading on whichever path your journey may lead to. The Ancient Book is a free download.

The Ancient Book

Blessed Be,


Chamber of Believers' Castle

SHE HAS FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE: What is the other side of this?

It was well-known that she lived alone. No one in this small community ever noticed any visitors going to her home, not even during the holidays. This elderly woman is the one adults whispered about and children ran the other way when they saw her coming. There were many whispers of “things” in the neighborhood about this elderly woman. From the local barbershop to the screened porches were everyone would sit cooling-off in the evening, and drinking lemonade while the children played and listened to the adults talk. None of us ever played Ding Dong Ditch on her doorbell that’s for sure. It wasn’t known who she really was, where she came from nor how long she had been living there. Families that had been established in this community for decades just remember her as someone who had always lived there. She did not socialize with anyone, yet she was always friendly when someone spoke to her. However, there was something in her sharp piercing anime eyes, it’s as though she knows about the time you sneaked one of your mothers cigarettes and smoked it with your friends. We always felt as though she knew our every secret. It’s like that feeling you get when one of the neighbors is going to tell on you to your parents . We always felt as though she could see right through us. No, one knew her name and no one dared to ask. Anyone that spoke to her would just say, “hello, how are you doing today Ma’am?”

This is one of those places everyone knows everyone, your grandparents as well as your parents. You couldn’t do much without your parents finding out about it because, the adults in the neighborhood were going to tell on you. This was our beautiful day neighborhood. You know, like Mr. Roger’s song It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.

I loved to watch my family and everyone else get ready for our towns summer carnival, it was so much fun. Late one night after the towns people had put up their carnival booths. There were bright lights. In everyone’s windows, front and backyards were the spotlights of police cars. That gets everyone’s attention. They were at the house of Ma’am. It was rumored that she kept her life savings in her home and that she practiced some kind of witchcraft or voodoo. We were told that if we were not good the witch would get us. This put all of us kids on high alert and we were good most of the time thinking the witch would get us if we weren’t. Some of the younger children would run when they saw Ma’am coming. She never bothered anyone and had a kind and gentle facial expression about her. However, there was something in the way she looked at you with her sharp and piercing anime eyes. Everyone was shocked to see the flashing lights of police cars in our nick of the woods, especially at the house of Ma’am.

Word quickly spread that Ma’am had been robbed and left for dead. The ones that did the home invasion were vicious enough to cut her throat. Well, everyone had their suspicions about who the culprits could be. There were these two men in the next town over that went from pillar to post vandalizing, stealing and causing trouble. These two men were known for always being in trouble with the law about something or things. They were two bad acting characters. Anyone that knew of them ever thought they would take things this far, until now.

Eventually, Ma’am recovered from her attack and returned to her home. She said she was unable to identify her attackers other than there were two of them and they both wore red ski masks. The week upon her return she painted the letters RIP in red on a white banner and placed it on her front door. Whispers around town was those that did this dirty deed did not have long for this world. Over a course of the next two weeks one of the suspected criminals was found dead with a red ski mask on. The cause of his death was unknown. It is said that when the ski mask was removed it was the man that we all suspected and his face was twisted with fear. Another word spread that he died of a drug overdose. Another word spread out that he was poisoned. We all knew better than that. Not because he wasn’t a drug addict but, because we knew that was not the reason this man died. In less than a month after that the other suspected would be killer was found dead out in the woods with a red ski mask on in the same area as the other one was found. This area of the woods was not to far from the house of Ma’am about two city blocks away in the woods behind her house. He also was said to have had the look of fear on his face when his ski mask was removed.

Most of the towns people speculated that Ma’am had exacted her vengeance upon them. They said she was a woman that could call upon certain forces and conjured up things we knew nothing of. Nor did we want to know if we knew what was good for us. After the mysterious deaths of the two men, one of the elders of our town asked her, why did she write Rest In Peace on a banner and put it on her front door? They described her as not just looking at them but through them with her piercing eyes. When Ma’am finally spoke she explained to them that RIP did not stand for Rest In Peace. She stated that RIP stood for Revenge Is Promised. No one dared to speak of it openly just whispers around town. The whispers about her went from the home porches to the barbershop, the little cafe and to the playgrounds.

Everyone said it was witchcraft and she had no need for friends because she had friends on the otherside. None us kids were quite sure what that meant. We did know this, if she ever called upon her friends from the otherside on you, it meant you would die a mysterious, horrible and terrifying death the same way those two men did.

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KNOCK KNOCK: Not so funny knock knock jokes.

Knock, knock, who’s there? You don’t want to know.

My children and I lived in a small weird town in the Midwest. In fact, the name of the town newspaper should have been NOW for news of the weird. This is going to be one of those not so funny knock knock jokes. It was a troubled place spiritually, even in the church we attended. After losing a couple of well paying positions, one being at a phone company where I mysteriously came down with an illness that had me very weak and barely able to walk. I had to quit by sending in a simple letter resignation of my position, my company ID and keycard back to my supervisor with a co-worker. Had I completed my probationary period satisfactorily I would have been in a better position to retain my employment there. The second instance is when I worked for an acquisitions company and it suddenly was shut down due to ethical legal issues business wise.

The strange things about this building is it had nine floors yet, this company is the only one that occupied this building except for the cafeteria which was on the third floor and we were on the ninth. The elevator music was always the same like the best of The Bee Gees, the best of The Beach Boys, or occasionally the best of the Doors. Weird right? Yeah I told you this was one of those weird towns USA. Even so, this was considered to be upscale for this little town. All the employees that worked there were very carefully observed even admired by many because of its reputation for its employees getting thousands of dollars in bonuses every payday, not to mention the mystery about the building itself. It looked like a building that would be in one of those new mystery games like a search mystery game. You definitely had to do a search if you wanted to find someone that worked there. But, you would not be able to find them because, that is how it was set up. All of us felt we had the top business opportunities at this company.

There were strange events that made me begin to seriously wonder where I was in this world. Deep down I knew this was the last time. Then I had to ask myself what is the last time? I didn’t know the answer to that question at that moment. Well, I had time my life was at a stand still. I had come to the conclusion that we were in what I called a “GOD” forsaken place. When days would be bright, warm and breezes were flowing there still seemed to be a lingering feeling of doom and gloom over the town. I then decided it was time for my family and I to return to California. My reasons for leaving California (the sunshine state) to go to the Midwest were well intended due to us having a host of relatives there. However, the family that I thought I could trust for my children and I to be safe around turned out to be a big disappointment for us.

We moved from the spacious, secure and comfortable duplex we lived in to an apartment on the top floor of another one of those strange buildings like the one I was previously employed at. This place was more something I could afford since I had lost my job. I wasn’t planning to do anything but leave that state. I needed my savings and unemployment benefits to put towards my exit plan.

So, here we are in a top floor unit in an old vintage apartment building. It was supposed to be one of those historical landmarks. By whose standards was this building considered a historical landmark? I haven’t a clue as to who declared that to be so. When I tell you  events in this weird town gets even weirder believe it. There was the self-proclaimed hot girl down the hall. Then there were the code name kids next door. We called them that because they had odd names in which they referred to each other by. Very peculiar to say the least. We never new the actual names. Anyway, or nevertheless meaning I just didn’t care anymore about anything in this wretched town to be honest.

Very soon after moving in we began to hear the sound of knocking coming from inside. My children and I were watching television in the livingroom this night. It sounded as though someone was at the front door. I quickly realized the noise came from inside the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and noticed the knocking sound was coming from the bathroom door. My heart started racing because I knew no one was there. At that point I just walked back to where my children were. We all just looked at each other and continued watching television again. My mind became full of thoughts about the movie The Exorcist and Poltergeist. Kids watching television is a good thing right? Not if there was an ounce of truth to Poltergeist it isn’t. I remembered I had some rosary beads that were given to me. To this day I cannot remember who gave me the rosary or when. I am not Catholic nor do I know how to pray to the rosary. I also did not know what it was knocking. The one thing I did know for sure was I did not want to find out. I was determined not to show any fear even though I was scared halfway out of my mind. Each night after that around the same time the knocks continued. It wanted something. I was curious as to what but, I didn’t really want to know. I was also afraid that we would find out if we did not leave soon.

Over the next couple of days we went to the library. My children explored the library while I did some research on this Midwestern town. I found out some pretty awful things happened in not only this building but another complex that we resided in too. Rumor around town was the complex had been built over an old Indian burial ground. I wasn’t surprised. Lots of creepy things would happen there also. An older woman that I discussed this situation told me to tell the spirit to leave if it meant us any harm. We went home and I waited for the knock. I told it to go away if it meant us any harm and do not come back. I heard a very low but audible voice say we own night and then the bedroom window shattered. I don’t know what went on in that place after that. We packed our clothes and other belongings that we could carry and went to a friends house for the rest of that night. On the way out I told the neighbor that we would not be back and she could have whatever she wanted. The next morning my children and I were on a bus back to California. That was fifteen years ago. Every now and again we still we talk about what happened back in the Midwest in an attempt to make a little sense of it.


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SHE ASTRAL TRAVELS: A Nightmare of Dreams.

Just dream just dream, a nightmare of dreams. . .

You are probably asking yourself, is this going to be another one of those astral travel stories? No, this is not a story this is an out-of-body experience. What is outer body experience you say? Well, I’m not sure that I can sum it all up in a short explanation. Fact of the matter is a long-drawn-out explanation would not do it justice. So, I’ll just stick to stating the events as they were told to me.

She was 18 years old at the time and feeling quite good about herself and the direction she was headed in with the guidance of her parents. You know that quintessential girl that you could never forget even if you didn’t like her. Which some of the high school girls were jealous because she always got the boys they wanted without trying.

She was the kind of teenager that made her parents proud of and her academic achievements. Not to mention that she had just said yes to one of the best looking boys in the neighborhood when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Oh, did I mention that she also had a secret that her parents did not know about? She studied things like astrology, tarot, and the metaphysical amongst other reading material that she had a keen interest and enthusiasm for. She had a library of all sorts of books that made it easy for her keep the books her parents would not approve of concealed. Her parents were of a religious order and she did not think they would approve of her deep interest in such subject matters as the aforementioned.

It all began when she was in elementary school she would have very vivid and recurring dreams. Recurring meaning they happened night after night. Even weeks at a time. The same dreams/nightmares just kept replaying themselves in her dreams like a movie. I don’t want to call them dreams nor nightmares but, another word desires careful consideration on my part. I believe they were a combination of several things. The dreams varied from being chased by werewolves and vampires to leaping on top of houses and flying away. One dream that kept recurring is the one where everyone in her neighborhood would rush to find safety inside of a church, warehouse or some type of secure building where they could stay together in numbers and help to defend each other.

In her dream she would always find herself on the outside trying to get in somewhere but, being too late.The people inside had everything boarded up and they weren’t taking any chances. She could hear the vampires or werewolves, whichever ones happened to be in her dream that night. The sun was fading fast so she had to move quickly. For some reason in her dreams she always had the ability to start up any car she chose for escape from the monsters. She always ended up on the interstate driving out of town. It wasn’t a city that was familiar. Instead it was really quiet with lush green lawns and beautiful plants, flowers, trees, white picket fences, large beautiful homes and these people she did not know. In her dream state it was as though she knew them and they were very familiar with who she was. It was almost like they were family members. Anyway years of this led to her interest in dreams, numerology, and other things of sorts like astral travel.

Why do we have dreams that seem to be really happening to us? Did you ever think a nightmare could turn out to be one of your most desirable of dreams? Maybe, or maybe not. Sometimes we later find out that a nightmare of dreams actually did occur, but you didn’t know it was a nightmare until after a chain of events occurred in real life.

Her boyfriend was going on summer vacation with his parents to visit relatives that lived out of the state. He said his father’s brother had a farm out in the country. According to him the farm was not the ideal vacation for him and he complained there would be nowhere to go and nothing to do since they were kind of far from the nearest anything. Worse than that his father was considering re-locating his family to the farm. So, he made up a list of fun things to do with family in the country. Later when she asked him to show her his list. She looked at the list and it was empty, lol.

She did not know that the nightmares would turn into a beautiful dream come true for her one day however, she enjoyed them. Her boyfriend found out what he thought to be a dream about his girlfriend actually turned out to be a nightmare for him. He went with family during the summer to visit relatives out of the state. According to him they were pretty boring country people so, he made up his list of fun things to do with family in the country. The relatives they went to visit had a farm that definitely was not close to anything. When he showed his list of things to do it was empty, lol. “This is going to be a very boring vacation for me this year” he said. Two weeks they were going to be on vacation checking out the farm because his father was thinking about moving the family there to help his brother with the farm. It was left to both brothers by their parents and his brother needed his help.

Her boyfriend had been on vacation for a week when she decided she would try astral travel to see if she was ready enough to accomplish it. After all, she was conditioned for it through her studies and research on it. Plus she had the ability to meditate, center and what’s called grounding so she believed she would be able to do it. In the middle of the night around 3:00 a.m. She went about her work of astral travel she got dressed in a white summer dress her mother had bought for her the day before. After she put her hair in an updo with a yellow rose she began her self-projection to him. The boyfriend called her a few days later and told her about a dream he had of her wearing a pretty white summer dress and the yellow rose she had put in her hair. The dress she knew he had never seen before because it was bought after he left to go on vacation with his parents.

Upon the return of her boyfriend from his family vacation he came by to see her. When he got there she had on the white summer dress he told her about even the yellow rose in her hair. She opened the front door for him as he just stood there staring at her. Then he made an excuse as to why he couldn’t stay. Something about his mom told him to be back early because they were having guests over for dinner. He never called her again after that. When she called him either the mom or dad whichever one answered the phone would say he was doing some long overdue chores or that he was running an errand. Three weeks later she learned that he and his family moved down to that farm he had told her about.

She did not have a hard time gaining the attention of another young man in the neighborhood who had also graduated from high school the year before. He was very handsome also and wanted by most of the young ladies, more so than the first boyfriend. This guy had a nice car, a good paying job and guess what, remember that beautiful house she dreamed of in paragraph four with the white picket fence and beautiful yard? Well, unbeknownst to her it was his parents house from her dream. He stayed at his grandmother’s home the majority of the time which was only three blocks from her home. The people in her dream were his parents and sister. After two years of dating they got married.

All of that came from her nightmares which turned into a dream come true for her. She never told her husband about her experience with astral travel. She did not want to take that chance with him.

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Have you ever asked yourself what is the wicked and divine about?   

I never did until. .

One summer my mother and I took our yearly summer vacation from California to Georgia and other parts across the country to visit our relatives. She had a much older sister that lived in the south. You see my mom and her identical twin were the youngest of thirteen children and she spoke with her older sister over the telephone frequently. My mother told me she and her identical twin always looked at their much older sisters as mother figures since their mother died when they were five years old. As  the school year was ending I was super excited about our yearly summer vacation.

I really enjoyed being around my cousins. Growing up as up an only child this was like being at Disneyland for me in away, sort of, but not really. The day of our departure finally came we hugged and kissed my daddy goodbye and my mom and I were on that plane leaving California. We always stopped in Illinois first because she had an older brother that lived there. I did not enjoy that as much because there were no younger children around for me to play with. My uncle and his wife had two teenage daughters that still lived at home, and a son that was off in college at the time studying to become an attorney. I liked my teenage girl cousins however, even though they acted civilized towards me deep down I could feel they did not care for me much. Nevertheless, meaning I always tried to interact with them regardless of how I thought they felt towards me. Now that I am an adult reflecting back on those times I realize they did not like me, nor were they very hospitable. They were just courteous enough towards me to avoid the wrath of my mother. My mothers vengeance would have been something none of them could have stopped. Not my mothers older brother nor his wife would have been able to have control over the events that were to come had their daughters attempted to over step their boundaries in any way that my mother deemed unacceptable to her. My mother, I will just call her the Ruby in my life had that what they call that  “je ne sais quoi” about her that you just did not want to call her bluff on. Trust me when I tell you she was not bluffing. She was the kind of woman that if you dared to mess with her child, well you would not like the outcome.

Now, let us fast forward to when we left Illinois going to the home of my mother’s sister in Georgia. It was not what I was accustomed to as calling home yet, it was home for them. It was a lonely, forgotten in time looking house, with a gravel road in front and a large field across the way from the road. The back of the house also had a field of grass up to our knees. My cousins and I had lots of fun together. We ate banana sandwiches, something I had never heard of before. There were a lot of things they did in the south I had never heard of nor did before. Like dipping snuff. My aunt had brown teeth from dipping snuff.

I taught my southern cousins a few words of French. They were really excited about it. They all said they wanted to learn how to speak French like me. Their grandmother said, “no one has any money for you to learn French.” Her tone of voice was very mean. My cousins dropped their heads and looked disappointed. I replied with that’s okay, I will teach you, then you can learn to speak French for free. My aunt glared at me. My mother tried to lighten the moment by changing the subject to my piano lessons and that just made my aunt glare at me harder. Then it all came to an abrupt end starting with my mother ‘s older sister giving me snuff as she did with her own grandchildren. My mother was liviid. I am sure I had never seen her this angry before in my life. They had a very heated argument about my mom being “bourgeoisie”  and treating me like I was better than the other kids. I’ll give you more details on this argument that caused our early departure.

Things were pretty tense after that day. I could feel the animosity between my aunt and my mother was getting worse. After a couple of days of this my mother announced that we would be leaving to visit her other older sister in Atlanta. We would usually stay longer at this particular sisters house, but this time we were leaving much earlier than usual.

Eventually, the attitudes of my cousins had changed and they would not play with me anymore. This made me sad, I didn’t understand why they were treating me this way. After all,  it wasn’t my fault that my mom and her sister weren’t getting along. Anyway, the straw that broke the camel’s hump is when my aunt gave me some snuff to put in my bottom lip some days earlier. As I stated before my mom was livid. Her sister frequently gave some of this ground tobacco to her grandchildren. When my mother walked into the living room from the kitchen and saw her sister giving me snuff she flew into a rage. She started yelling at her sister saying, how dare you give that to my child. If you want want to give snuff to your grandchildren that is your business but, don’t you ever give my child any of that mess. That is when my aunt said that she just thought that I was better than the rest of the kids and that was to uppity. Needless to say that escalated the argument to another level. My aunt even said that she didn’t know why she came there anyway and that she should go back to California. Well, we left her little shack and went my other aunts house that same day. This sister was also older and much nicer towards me. She didn’t give me the icy cold glares that other sister had given me. Now that I look back on it she was loving and kind to me. She always complimented me and said I had a good mother. My aunt  and her sister only saw each other once a year and she described it as being divine.

I began to develop sores that began on my foot and traveled up my legs quickly, plus they were infected and seemed to get larger by the day. Two sores to be exact within six days. The infection spread from one leg to the other. That’s a new sore every three days. Upon seeing the second sore my mom and her sister  were whispering and my aunt asked if she thought their sister did it and my mom said, I know she did. I did not quite understand what she meant. We cut our trip short and took a flight back to California the very next day. My mom took to me to the hospital where I had my doctor that had been seeing me for all of my life. I was examined by my physician who did not know the origin of the sores, but decided penicillin shots in both of my thighs was an appropriate measure that  should begin to clear up the infection. After a couple of days the sores were worse and painful when they were not before.  There were encrusted scabs over sores that oozed puss and blood. There was  about three more weeks until school started. My mother called her best friend who was also my godmother, and explained the situation to her. My godmother came over and all three of us went to a little shop of sorts. I was looking at all the unusual things in this shop that was loaded with all kinds of books, candles and other things that I had never seen before. My mother and godmother spoke to the lady in the shop. Out of my hearing distance, but close enough to keep a watchful eye on me. After this discussion they had that lasted for awhile we left. My mom seemed more relaxed and not as anxious or worried as before. We went home and she had me to write something on a brown paper bag with a quill pen and a bottle of something that looked to be red ink. However the label read Doves Blood. Then she gave me a card and told me to recite the words. I don’t remember the words exactly but I know it had something to do with protection amongst other things. After three days the sores cleared up and disappeared just as mysteriously as they came.  The only evidence of this are the small circular scars from it. Barely visible yet, a reminder to me of what happened so long ago.

My aunt was wicked but my mom was divine. This was years ago and my mother has since passed on. Whenever I think about her I think mom, you the best thing that ever happened to me.