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1st of October 2020

Greetings Castle Dwellers,

October is a month filled with mystery, intrigue and the paranormal.


The month of October is a time that many give honor to the dead. It is believed that on the 31st of October, the veil between the world of the living and world of the dead is thin enough for spirits to come through.


The practices of celebrating Halloween range from a quiet night at home, to carnivals and elaborate costume parties in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve. Children dress up in their costumes of witches, ghosts, vampires, and goblins.

It is believed the masks and carved pumpkins would ward off the evil spirits when they passed through the veil. The veil cannot be seen, it is invisible to the naked eye. There those that can see the spirits from the world of the dead. Some go to the cemetary hoping to witness this phenomena take place.

All due respect to the dearly departed of loved ones.


The month of October will magnificently display its Majestic Highness in full effect twice this month.

Harvest Full Moon

The first full moon of Autumn Equinox for the year of 2020 will be the 1st of October. It is considered to be the most powerful moon of the year, and the time of harvesting of the crops. This moon is more colorful in comparison to other moons of the year, very large and brightly illuminated. The month of the harvest moon is an important time for many.

Hunters Full Moon

The second full moon of October 2020 will appear on the 31st. This is a time tribes were known to have gathered meat for the upcoming long winter months ahead. Also known as the deer hunting month.

                                     NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF

Legend has it there is those that are human by day and transform into ravenous flesh eating creatures by way of the full moon light. The first accounts of the Lycan has been a subject of mystery and terror for many centuries. Somewhere around 2100 BC. It is said, it takes a silver bullet to kill a werewolf then it will revert to human form.

People would use a plant called Wolf’s bane around their homes, and on them when travel by night was necessary during the time of a full moon. It was believed Wolf’s bane had the power to ward off the beast.


The magick of witchcraft, not to be confused with the magic of someone who performs tricks on stage or at a child’s birthday party.

The witch costumes’ design represents the craft. To the wearer signs and symbols are of great importance and meaning like baby name meanings. The wearer cares for the symbol as a mother cares for the child, and the child is a representation of the meaning to their name.

Witches are believed to be magickal and mystical. The female witch is referred to as a sorceress. Male witches are warlocks, wizards and sorcerers. Magick and the law of attraction have similarities, however, magick is more detailed and has a much wider range of variance. One of the the most well-known of the most powerful of practioners being the famed and legendary Madame Marie LaVeau.

It is  believed that over a century after Madame LaVeau left this life she still grants the petition of believers. The magick of believing is very powerful to believers. After 139 years of her death, it is still believed by many Madame LeVeau has great power and influence. The believe quote sayings are endless. Are you a believer? What is it that you believe?

There are different types of witches and many ways to practice the craft. Some are known  as witches by their own admission and others choose to practice in secrecy. While there are witches in covens there is also the solitaire witch. Do you know of a witch personally?

Some like to visit the graveyard on All Hallows Eve in hopes of sighting spirits that have slipped through the veil.

All due respect to the dearly departed of loved ones.


Arianna Willow



Halloween tradition is well-known for the haunted house being one of the main attractions at events. What is the scariest haunted house? Answer, a real one. Famous places throughout history have haunted mansions. Some of the best known haunted houses in the America of the United States.  A  hot spot for this type of paranormal activity is the famous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The LaLaurie Mansion is known for ghostly sightings even though the original mansion was destroyed and another sits in its place. The mansion that is on this site is known by the locals as the Haunted House of the French Quarter.           


                                                                                                                          The CONSTELLATION FOR OCTOBER


 Symbol: Scales        Element: Air        Birthstone: Opal

What is the birthstone of October for those born under Libra? One of the three air signs of the zodiac. It is the Opal, believed to have originated around 4000 BC.

The Opal is one of the precious stone gems from ancient times known as ” The Eye Stone” Gemstones from ancient times were considered to have certain qualities attributed to the stone. The Opal is believed to have healing properties. Opals are also believed to bring luck.

The astrological signs are one of the universes great mysteries. Look in the sky into the darkness of night. Is it not beautiful?

The belief of believers is the constellations hold keys to some of the most mysterious mysteries of life.

” There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.”  – Rod Serling

When All Hallows’ Eve Comes

Some will appease the spirits by placing food in front of their doors, others will make a bonfire. Children will trick-or-treat.  This is the night before All Saints Day. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

From time to time Believers Castle hosts contests and giveaways that will be announced through our newsletter for castle dwellers.

We welcome your experiences. Castle Dwellers would like to know what you would like to see featured next.

Blessed Be




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