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KNOCK KNOCK: Not so funny knock knock jokes.

Knock, knock, who’s there? You don’t want to know.

My children and I lived in a small weird town in the Midwest. In fact, the name of the town newspaper should have been NOW for news of the weird. This is going to be one of those not so funny knock knock jokes. It was a troubled place spiritually, even in the church we attended. After losing a couple of well paying positions, one being at a phone company where I mysteriously came down with an illness that had me very weak and barely able to walk. I had to quit by sending in a simple letter resignation of my position, my company ID and keycard back to my supervisor with a co-worker. Had I completed my probationary period satisfactorily I would have been in a better position to retain my employment there. The second instance is when I worked for an acquisitions company and it suddenly was shut down due to ethical legal issues business wise.

The strange things about this building is it had nine floors yet, this company is the only one that occupied this building except for the cafeteria which was on the third floor and we were on the ninth. The elevator music was always the same like the best of The Bee Gees, the best of The Beach Boys, or occasionally the best of the Doors. Weird right? Yeah I told you this was one of those weird towns USA. Even so, this was considered to be upscale for this little town. All the employees that worked there were very carefully observed even admired by many because of its reputation for its employees getting thousands of dollars in bonuses every payday, not to mention the mystery about the building itself. It looked like a building that would be in one of those new mystery games like a search mystery game. You definitely had to do a search if you wanted to find someone that worked there. But, you would not be able to find them because, that is how it was set up. All of us felt we had the top business opportunities at this company.

There were strange events that made me begin to seriously wonder where I was in this world. Deep down I knew this was the last time. Then I had to ask myself what is the last time? I didn’t know the answer to that question at that moment. Well, I had time my life was at a stand still. I had come to the conclusion that we were in what I called a “GOD” forsaken place. When days would be bright, warm and breezes were flowing there still seemed to be a lingering feeling of doom and gloom over the town. I then decided it was time for my family and I to return to California. My reasons for leaving California (the sunshine state) to go to the Midwest were well intended due to us having a host of relatives there. However, the family that I thought I could trust for my children and I to be safe around turned out to be a big disappointment for us.

We moved from the spacious, secure and comfortable duplex we lived in to an apartment on the top floor of another one of those strange buildings like the one I was previously employed at. This place was more something I could afford since I had lost my job. I wasn’t planning to do anything but leave that state. I needed my savings and unemployment benefits to put towards my exit plan.

So, here we are in a top floor unit in an old vintage apartment building. It was supposed to be one of those historical landmarks. By whose standards was this building considered a historical landmark? I haven’t a clue as to who declared that to be so. When I tell you  events in this weird town gets even weirder believe it. There was the self-proclaimed hot girl down the hall. Then there were the code name kids next door. We called them that because they had odd names in which they referred to each other by. Very peculiar to say the least. We never new the actual names. Anyway, or nevertheless meaning I just didn’t care anymore about anything in this wretched town to be honest.

Very soon after moving in we began to hear the sound of knocking coming from inside. My children and I were watching television in the livingroom this night. It sounded as though someone was at the front door. I quickly realized the noise came from inside the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and noticed the knocking sound was coming from the bathroom door. My heart started racing because I knew no one was there. At that point I just walked back to where my children were. We all just looked at each other and continued watching television again. My mind became full of thoughts about the movie The Exorcist and Poltergeist. Kids watching television is a good thing right? Not if there was an ounce of truth to Poltergeist it isn’t. I remembered I had some rosary beads that were given to me. To this day I cannot remember who gave me the rosary or when. I am not Catholic nor do I know how to pray to the rosary. I also did not know what it was knocking. The one thing I did know for sure was I did not want to find out. I was determined not to show any fear even though I was scared halfway out of my mind. Each night after that around the same time the knocks continued. It wanted something. I was curious as to what but, I didn’t really want to know. I was also afraid that we would find out if we did not leave soon.

Over the next couple of days we went to the library. My children explored the library while I did some research on this Midwestern town. I found out some pretty awful things happened in not only this building but another complex that we resided in too. Rumor around town was the complex had been built over an old Indian burial ground. I wasn’t surprised. Lots of creepy things would happen there also. An older woman that I discussed this situation told me to tell the spirit to leave if it meant us any harm. We went home and I waited for the knock. I told it to go away if it meant us any harm and do not come back. I heard a very low but audible voice say we own night and then the bedroom window shattered. I don’t know what went on in that place after that. We packed our clothes and other belongings that we could carry and went to a friends house for the rest of that night. On the way out I told the neighbor that we would not be back and she could have whatever she wanted. The next morning my children and I were on a bus back to California. That was fifteen years ago. Every now and again we still we talk about what happened back in the Midwest in an attempt to make a little sense of it.


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I really like this. I got so involved in it I forgot I was getting ready for work. I used to live in a strange little town in the Midwest.

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