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There are those that have described it as looking at a good mystery series of their life with chambers that go on and on into infinity. We sometimes wonder how many other galaxies out in the universe have humans like us, have unexplained mysteries like us and what are they? Then there are those that dedicate their lives to research and Mscientific methods and study to gain answers to the question of, “Are we alone in this vast universe?”

We sometimes wonder what is the reason for our experiences and why did it happen to us. What is believers’ in dwelling of the chambers of Believers Castle about? Many of us yearn to know the reason for their experiences. Endless thoughts of how these things have manifested itself in the evolution of our everyday life experiences, and why did it happen to them? There is a world of mystery to be explored.


Believers Castle has many chambers to be explored. These are the chambers of the mind. The chambers within the mind are as vast as the universe itself.

The ” CHAMBERS” of castle dwellers are filled with mysteries of the unknown. What do you believe in? Do you believe in what you can see? Do you believe in what you cannot see? The questions and answers are infinite.
Dwellers of Believers Castle share their experiences with others while searching for answers to the mysterious.

Believers Castle will premiere the believers’ newsletter on the 1st of October 2020. The newsletter will include Seasons, Mysterious Quotes, Crystals, Spiritual Oils, Candles of Meditation, Herbs, Spiritual Cleansing, books and more. . .

Visitors to the castle dwellings are welcome to tell us what they would like to see in the castle dwellers newsletter as well.


Haunted places of the world have a mystery and intrigue about them that hold the interest of many. From the largest of cities to the lesser known villages and towns are places that are peculiar to say the least. The larger famous cities in the state of California like San Francisco and New Orleans in Louisiana and other cities across the globe are full of unexplained mysteries. There are many places that have some of the most haunted places to speak of around the world. Have you ever had the feeling someplace you have been was haunted?



Incense, candles and music have had many special uses throughout ancient history up to modern day lifestyles of the 21st century. The art of music, incense and candles takes on many forms. Any combination of the three are quite frequently used in the home for meditation, activities such as yoga, and other spiritual purposes. The scent of incense pleases the senses, the flame of the candle puts one in a state of relaxation and the music to the listener soothes the soul.

Incense of ancient times such as Frankincense, Kapet, and Myrrh, also known as the sacred smoke are associated with certain rituals and used in temples to appease the goddesses and gods. The use of incense was considered essential to worship and giving honor to the deities 

ANCIENT FLOWERS & HERBSThe Rose of Hildesheim also known as the 1000 Year Rose is located in Hildesheim, Germany. A tremendous amount of fascination of or for the visitors coming to this amazing site is of no wonder. Great wonders of this world never ceases to amaze me. This is a creation in our realm in all of its magnificence and majesty. It is reported the rose bush was planted in the year 815. Its longevity is indeed an example of a mystery.

It is said roses date as far back as 35 million years ago. Roses are very delicate flowers with a soft and sweet fragrance. The essence of this flower is frequently made into perfumes, lotions and rose water for the skin and hair. Roses are look upon as a symbol of love.



The rosemary bush is a herb with blooms that vary in color with different shades of violet and purple to pink and white.

In ancient folklore the pine-like needles of this herb were burned to keep negativity away. Rosemary also serves as an ingredient for cooking.



Lavender is a perennial plant that has its roots in ancient history and folklore. Its highly fragrant blooms are known for their royal color that ranges from the lightest of lilacs to the deepest shade of purple. The essence of lavender is used to make perfumes, oils, lotions and lavender water used for bathing. Flowers of the lavender plant can also be used to make sachets that are put under a pillow or in dresser drawers. The aroma of lavender has a soothing and calming effect. It has been reported that when the tomb of King Tutankhamen was opened the dried flowers of the lavender still retained its sweet fragrance.




It is said the tarot cards can tell the past, the present and the future. There are many different versions of the tarot and its interpretations. The cards are used for an ancient art called divination. Ancient Egyptians referred to them as the royal road of life. The mysticism and symbolism of the tarot have been a subject of great interest. Throughout the centuries and in different cultures around the world the tarot has been a subject of many debates. When and where the tarot originated is still of deep interest. Believers will tell you, “the answers are in the cards” all you have to do is ask them.


Are you a believer in the existence of blood thirsty creatures that roam the night known as Nosferatu and Lycan? There are many legends about these creatures from times past. It is believed by some they still exist to this day. Many regions across the globe have accounts of the immortal vampyre to be told. Perhaps you can recollect and share an account or legend about mysterious creatures.


Do your dreams tell you something? Many believe dreams hold the key to consciousness. Some write down their dreams upon awakening to help them sort out and recall the sequence of events in the dream state.

It is said the filmmaker Wes Craven had dreams that came in the form of nightmares or night terrors that gave birth to the character Freddy Krueger. He wrote his recollections down and from those notes he created a hit horror movie of its genre, A Nightmare on Elm Street. This appears to give validity to the if you can dream it quote, you can achieve it.

When you awaken suddenly from a dream and your heart is racing then you tell yourself it was just a dream. Is that all it was, or is there more to it, a premonition perhaps?


Some just enjoy reading about the experiences of others and some like to share their experience. Castle dwellers are welcome to do both. While exploring the chambers of Believers Castle some of the images you see or an experience you read may be helpful. It could lead to your recollection of an event that had an impact in your life, or a dream. Let us know. Leave a comment.

Most of all know that you are not alone in your search for answers to the mysterious universe and  mysteries of this world. Here is a link to some books that are very interesting and informative reading on whichever path your journey may lead to. The Ancient Book is a free download.

The Ancient Book

Blessed Be,


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