Greetings Castle Dwellers,

Welcome to the first newsletter for the 2021 quarter of January, February and March.

January: the 1st month of the year. The Birthstone is Garnet, a symbol of love.

What is the month of January known for? It has been said that the month of January is representative of being able to look into the past as well as see into the future.

Castle Dwellers are reminiscing over experiences from the past and present. We wonder how many realms exist in what we see as reality or that which exists in a parallel reality. We talk about it to compare notes and get an understanding of what we are experiencing. Let’s start with some random experiences of some Castle Dwellers that have no particular order,

There  once was a history teacher at a junior high school that was a reverend in a church. This pastor would conduct bible study classes at lunchtime in the classroom for any of the students that cared to participate. Actually, there were quite a few students that enjoyed attending the bible study classes that he conducted. One day the history teacher informed the students that he could no longer have bible study on campus due to certain laws. They were all very disappointed.

Anyway, this is really about the Ouija Board the minister brought to the school during his teachings according to what he deemed of being beneficial information to his students. He warned all never to play with it. I however, ignored that warning and proceeded to ask the Ouija Board (oui = French for yes, ja = German for yes) , the Yes/Yes Board. I asked the Ouija Board a question. My question was, “Will I go to heaven?” Immediately the pendulum began to move. I don’t even remember if it was moving towards yes or no. I immediately remember my heart racing so fast I could feel and hear my blood pumping. Never have II dared to touch a Ouija Board since that day. Maybe, one day I will.

This man was known by our families in the church. He was the deacon of one the churches throughout the community. This man that had an upstanding reputation within the church sector was slain by gunfire in his home. The reason being is that his son whom lived with him at the time had shady dealings going on that involved drugs. The way it was told is that the father found the drugs that his son was allegedly holding and got rid of them. At least that’s the story told to others involved by the son of the deacon.

The elder from the church was killed by his son’s drug affiliates for this deed of throwing away the drugs. At the funeral parlor the deacon’s body was turned over in the casket. Word is the dealers didn’t believe the story and were looking for the drugs.

Years later I awoke to the specter of the slain man sitting in a chair that was behind my bedroom door. There was a bullet wound in the middle of his forehead. I was petrified, I could not move nor scream, so I just laid there and looked. The eyes were fixed and glazed. I can’t remember going back to sleep I just remember waking up to my phone ringing. It was a childhood friend. She asked me if I had seen the newspaper for that day. I replied, ” no, why?” She went on to say there had been another murder committed and from the description and last name she felt sure it was another childhood friend from elementary school. I ran to the porch to get the paper and sure enough there it was. She had been shot in the head and dumped under the interstate in our city. I know that dream was telling me about her murder.

It was a horrible place, with a horrible past. So many terrible things happened in this apartment complex over the decades. There were seven buildings that spanned out over a square city block. Each building had three floors and each floor had three units. It was a nice place at one time or another. It had picnic tables and benches that sat on plush green lawns. In front of all the tables were large trees overhanging for shade during the summer months. Over the years things had changed drastically. It was now a place that was destitute, desolate and full of sorrow. All seven buildings had an eerie aura about them.

The building I lived in had an infant that cried all night sometimes. This went on a couple of nights a week. One day I asked a neighbor whose baby was crying and she told me it was the baby in the unit on the third floor. The strange thing is no one lived in this apartment unit. No one had lived there for at least ten years. For some reason that unit was never rented out. None of us were quite sure what happened in that unit. Those that did would not talk about it. To this day I sometimes think about the cries of that baby and wonder what happened. Honestly I’d rather not know.

February: the 2nd month of the year Gregorian calendar year. The Birthstone is Amethyst. It is believed by the ancients this gemstone gives the wearer the ability to keep a clear mind.

March: the 1st month of the Roman calendar year. The month of March is associated with Mars and new beginnings since it is the first month of the year for the Romans of ancient times. The music of Ancient Rome seems to place some people in that place during the time and period and, they can recall events.

January is a time for looking into the past and future, March is for focusing ahead into the future according to the spiritual aspect of what happens in the month of March.

Blessed Be,


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