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SHE ASTRAL TRAVELS: A Nightmare of Dreams.

Just dream just dream, a nightmare of dreams. . .

You are probably asking yourself, is this going to be another one of those astral travel stories? No, this is not a story this is an out-of-body experience. What is outer body experience you say? Well, I’m not sure that I can sum it all up in a short explanation. Fact of the matter is a long-drawn-out explanation would not do it justice. So, I’ll just stick to stating the events as they were told to me.

She was 18 years old at the time and feeling quite good about herself and the direction she was headed in with the guidance of her parents. You know that quintessential girl that you could never forget even if you didn’t like her. Which some of the high school girls were jealous because she always got the boys they wanted without trying.

She was the kind of teenager that made her parents proud of and her academic achievements. Not to mention that she had just said yes to one of the best looking boys in the neighborhood when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Oh, did I mention that she also had a secret that her parents did not know about? She studied things like astrology, tarot, and the metaphysical amongst other reading material that she had a keen interest and enthusiasm for. She had a library of all sorts of books that made it easy for her keep the books her parents would not approve of concealed. Her parents were of a religious order and she did not think they would approve of her deep interest in such subject matters as the aforementioned.

It all began when she was in elementary school she would have very vivid and recurring dreams. Recurring meaning they happened night after night. Even weeks at a time. The same dreams/nightmares just kept replaying themselves in her dreams like a movie. I don’t want to call them dreams nor nightmares but, another word desires careful consideration on my part. I believe they were a combination of several things. The dreams varied from being chased by werewolves and vampires to leaping on top of houses and flying away. One dream that kept recurring is the one where everyone in her neighborhood would rush to find safety inside of a church, warehouse or some type of secure building where they could stay together in numbers and help to defend each other.

In her dream she would always find herself on the outside trying to get in somewhere but, being too late.The people inside had everything boarded up and they weren’t taking any chances. She could hear the vampires or werewolves, whichever ones happened to be in her dream that night. The sun was fading fast so she had to move quickly. For some reason in her dreams she always had the ability to start up any car she chose for escape from the monsters. She always ended up on the interstate driving out of town. It wasn’t a city that was familiar. Instead it was really quiet with lush green lawns and beautiful plants, flowers, trees, white picket fences, large beautiful homes and these people she did not know. In her dream state it was as though she knew them and they were very familiar with who she was. It was almost like they were family members. Anyway years of this led to her interest in dreams, numerology, and other things of sorts like astral travel.

Why do we have dreams that seem to be really happening to us? Did you ever think a nightmare could turn out to be one of your most desirable of dreams? Maybe, or maybe not. Sometimes we later find out that a nightmare of dreams actually did occur, but you didn’t know it was a nightmare until after a chain of events occurred in real life.

Her boyfriend was going on summer vacation with his parents to visit relatives that lived out of the state. He said his father’s brother had a farm out in the country. According to him the farm was not the ideal vacation for him and he complained there would be nowhere to go and nothing to do since they were kind of far from the nearest anything. Worse than that his father was considering re-locating his family to the farm. So, he made up a list of fun things to do with family in the country. Later when she asked him to show her his list. She looked at the list and it was empty, lol.

She did not know that the nightmares would turn into a beautiful dream come true for her one day however, she enjoyed them. Her boyfriend found out what he thought to be a dream about his girlfriend actually turned out to be a nightmare for him. He went with family during the summer to visit relatives out of the state. According to him they were pretty boring country people so, he made up his list of fun things to do with family in the country. The relatives they went to visit had a farm that definitely was not close to anything. When he showed his list of things to do it was empty, lol. “This is going to be a very boring vacation for me this year” he said. Two weeks they were going to be on vacation checking out the farm because his father was thinking about moving the family there to help his brother with the farm. It was left to both brothers by their parents and his brother needed his help.

Her boyfriend had been on vacation for a week when she decided she would try astral travel to see if she was ready enough to accomplish it. After all, she was conditioned for it through her studies and research on it. Plus she had the ability to meditate, center and what’s called grounding so she believed she would be able to do it. In the middle of the night around 3:00 a.m. She went about her work of astral travel she got dressed in a white summer dress her mother had bought for her the day before. After she put her hair in an updo with a yellow rose she began her self-projection to him. The boyfriend called her a few days later and told her about a dream he had of her wearing a pretty white summer dress and the yellow rose she had put in her hair. The dress she knew he had never seen before because it was bought after he left to go on vacation with his parents.

Upon the return of her boyfriend from his family vacation he came by to see her. When he got there she had on the white summer dress he told her about even the yellow rose in her hair. She opened the front door for him as he just stood there staring at her. Then he made an excuse as to why he couldn’t stay. Something about his mom told him to be back early because they were having guests over for dinner. He never called her again after that. When she called him either the mom or dad whichever one answered the phone would say he was doing some long overdue chores or that he was running an errand. Three weeks later she learned that he and his family moved down to that farm he had told her about.

She did not have a hard time gaining the attention of another young man in the neighborhood who had also graduated from high school the year before. He was very handsome also and wanted by most of the young ladies, more so than the first boyfriend. This guy had a nice car, a good paying job and guess what, remember that beautiful house she dreamed of in paragraph four with the white picket fence and beautiful yard? Well, unbeknownst to her it was his parents house from her dream. He stayed at his grandmother’s home the majority of the time which was only three blocks from her home. The people in her dream were his parents and sister. After two years of dating they got married.

All of that came from her nightmares which turned into a dream come true for her. She never told her husband about her experience with astral travel. She did not want to take that chance with him.

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