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THE RED TILE CITY: Santa Barbara Mysteries


Can you see this is where it is at? A city purportedly that has a 13,000 year old history.

Because of the ‘unique” positioning of Santa Barbara the sun rises in the south here in this beautiful city. A charmed city rich in history and culture. Even though this city has been destroyed by earthquakes in the past, the architecture remains true to the same architectural Spanish Colonial and Meditteraen style of red tile roofs with stark white and stucco walls. She is still one of the most beautiful and desired tourist destinations of people from around the world.

CANDLES LIGHT the DARK: At the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California

Parishioners light candles and say prayers for their loved ones, the living as well as the ones who have passed on. The Old Mission Santa Barbara Cemetary is the final resting place for  some but, there are some souls that do not appear to be at rest. For as long as anyone can remember the locals have told  of a woman who was murdered and her spirit haunts the old jail on the grounds. The spirits of monks and nuns are also seen at the Old Mission. It’s no secret to the locals of Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara offers ghost tours. Visitors to the ghost tours get a firsthand and up close glimpse of the otherworldly veil in Santa Barbara, complete with history. Theses tours can be designed to fit your occasion.


She is said to be a young woman in a long, white flowing dress with a white shawl. She is seen running towards the bluff of the shoreline and jumping off. Eyewitnesses whom state they have seen her on numerous occasions say she makes her appearance after sunset. While most agree on when she makes her appearance, not all agree on her origins. Some say suicde’ others say she died in childbirth. Even though it may never be known exactly what happened to her, it is known her spirit is there.

The exact location of this phenomenon is withheld for the purpose of gathering information about it from Santa Barabara residents and/or persons that know the history.

Hint: She is seen at one of the colleges in Santa Barbara, which one?

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From the early history days of the Santa Barbara Mission there were three nuns. These three sisters were well known for their missionary work. They took supplies that consisted of much needed essentials and medicine to nearby Native American villages. The nuns were told to restrict their travels to Santa Barbara only. However, the sisters did not heed this warning and traveled outside of the boundaries set to protect them.

After leaving Santa Barbara when forewarned not to they were brutally tortured and murdered.

On Ortega Ridge Road in Montecito is where witnesses say they see them, the three sisters. Eyes they have that are a blazing blue, and a light that radiates from their complexion.The heads and eyes of Las Tres Hermanas follow passersby at night, though it has been reported on a few rare occasions of daytime sightings.

Ortega Road has long since been renamed Las Tres Hermanas.


Casa De La Guerra is a preserved adobe residence similar to the one shown above. Casa De La Guerra is a historical site built in the early 1800’s for the fifth commandante of the presidio of Santa Barbara, Jose De La Guerra and his family.

People say she wears a black dress and seems to be in mourning or very upset about something, like she is in some sort of distress. Why she is there, who she is and why she haunts the site is not clear. What is clear is the fact that many say they have seen her, she is there.

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There is a beach in Santa Barbara named Gaviota Beach. This beach is a state park complete with trails and camp grounds. A large trestle known as the ghost bridge separates the beach from the camp grounds. Visitors to the beach say it is inhabited by the spirits of two young girls in white night gowns. The two young girls may be sisters. Their ghosts are seen walking near the trestle on the camping grounds and they can be heard crying. Whatever happened to these two little ones remains a mystery that is just as mysterious as the ghostly apparitions themselves.


Transportation to and from the Channel Islands can be arranged by boat or plane. Once you have arrived there means of transportation is very limited. One of  the Islands in the Santa Barbara Channel is haunted by the ghost of some say a conquistador that cursed everyone that lived on the Island. Legend has it he buried some priceless treasures on and/or around and in surrounding waters of San Miguel. The Island is the final resting place, or should I say place of unrest for this conquistador that is said to be buried with his jeweled sword in an unmarked gravesite that its whereabouts are unknown.

Santa Barbara, California has some prominent and reputable ghost hunters and experts on the subject. They tell the story behind the spirits that haunt this beautiful and age old mysterious city named Santa Barbara.


PAINTED CAVE ROAD of Santa Barbara, California

There is a place in Santa Barbara known as Painted Cave Road. Somewhere on this road it is  said the Chumash Indians painted a cave here some time in the 1600’s. This can be a tricky road as it has twists and turns that are very narrow. These are turns that seemingly come from nowhere on a straight road. Legend has it  the Native Indians hid in this cave from those that seeked them out. The paintings  are believed to have religious connotations. Sounds are reported to be heard coming from the cave. Sounds of music from the Native American flutes and  sightings of orbs have been witnessed by visitors. This site is located in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The Chumash Painted Cave Historic Park in Santa Barbara preserves the art on the sandstone walls of the cave.


THE AMERICAN RIVIERA  Santa Barbara, California

Welcome to Santa Barbara California, such a lovely place. This is somewhere of your fondest dreams. A kind of  Oasis to castle dwellers.

Castle dwellers of Believers’ Castle gather together here frequently. Chateau du Les  Croyants ( castle of the believers), as we like to call it meet here throughout the year. It is our Sanctuary. 

This connection can take place at the beach, park, restaurant or anywhere our spirits lead us to go. We share our experiences with each other and you. We invite you to share your experiences as well.

Blessed Be 





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