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DRAGONS’ BLOOD TREE: A Peculiar Kind of Tree

Imagine a tree in the image of a beautiful green fan. Like the one you see before you. The branches starting at the top of the trunk looks like entangled tree roots that span out into the shape of a fan. The leaves at the top of the tree are as thick as sheep wool. Various essences of this tree are used in different forms for a variety of purposes.

Dragons Blood Incense has a sweet aroma and is said to be used in ceremonies for protection, similar to how some use bible verses for protection. The resin from this tree is used to make the incense of Dragons’ Blood. Maybe, you would like to try some. This tree can live for over half of a millennium.


She was a no nonsense kind of mother. My father was the head of the household however, my mother wore the pants so to speak. When xxmy father put his foot down that was it. But, my mother was strong-willed and the majority of the time what she said was the order of things. She never failed to correct me when I was wrong, and she never failed to protect and defend me when I was in the right or being treated unjustly. She had a unique way of dealing with people.

Fast forward to my late 20s, the Ruby of my life passed from the shadows of this earth plane into the light of another realm. At the time I was in a heavy conflict with my child’s father and what I’m estimating to be the majority of his immediate family members. Most notably his mother, the others just seemed to be dragged into it all by default. Even so the grandfather remained decent, respectful and had apologized to me on occasion on behalf of his families disrespect towards me which included his sons deceit which started this whole feud. You know what I mean. The kind that will defend the honor of their mother to the point of threatening you when you are clearly not in the wrong. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for defending your older family members if they need defending, not when they are the bully in an extremely passive- aggressive way.

My first time speaking to this woman was when she called me. Once she had established that I was the person she wanted to speak to, the first words out of her mouth were, “is it true that you are pregnant by my son?” This line of questioning and gathering information from a barrage of questions. I had never met his family. I just remember him telling me how his family had certain religious beliefs, principles and rules that they as the offspring were expected to abide by and follow for as long as they lived in the family home. For example all the siblings lived at home until marriage. Probably not because they had to as much as they felt a family obligation to do so. After all, this is a big part of their upbringing. None of them brought a date home to meet the family unless they intended to marry them. By the way all the siblings were boys. This most likely explains their stance on that issue. Me being a girl my parents definitely made it their business to meet and know about whomever I dated.

Fast forward, I’ve had the baby and the paternal grandmother had her nose in everything. I was able to tell the difference in the way he interacted with me when his mother was at the helm of things. She had a very dominant influence over his behavior. At times, I felt as though I was involved with a married man, and his mother was his wife. Later, in the relationship I had a psychic do a tarot reading for me. During my session with her she also stated that that turmoil in our relationship was because in a past life his mother and I were sisters and he the man we were both involved with, argued about and fought over.

Now that I think about it, the more sense I can make of the senselessness that transpired between us. Except for the paternal grandfather of my child. He and I communicated well with each other. He informed the immediate family was against me, including the father of my child, which was his son. I’ll never forget the last time I saw my sons grandfather. Senior brought my son home to me from a weekend stay at their family home. As he dropped him off and turned and walked away he turned to me and said. ” I love you.” The look in his eyes I couldn’t explain. I could not sleep that night. I don’t know why. The next day I received a call from my child’s father letting me know the grandfather had passed away from a massive heart attack.

Now, back to the essence of what this experience was about. After my mother, my Ruby passed away she came to me in a dream. I had big problems concerning the paternal grandmother of my child. I was at a loss for words. Keep in mind this all happened before my session with the tarot/psychic reader.

The dream goes like this, I’m in the back seat of my mother’s car which is parked in the driveway to the home she and my father owned. I am in the back seat, my child’s father is in the passenger seat in the front, and his mother is in the driver

seat! My mother appears on the driver side of the car opens the door, and without saying a word opens the car door and motions for her to get out. My child’s paternal grandmother hangs her head and exits my mother’s car.

From that day on I never heard another peep from her. She is dead now, and so is he.

I’ll always love you mommy, my Ruby.

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